King’s Leigh is Set to Become Home to a Series of David Bromley Artworks

30 AUGUST '19

King’s Leigh is set to become home to a series of David Bromley artworks, as Dacland announces a partnership with celebrated Australian art studio, Bromley & Co.

The collaboration will see David create a number of pieces over the coming years across several Dahua Group & Dacland communities, starting with King’s Leigh where he has already completed a larger-than-life mural design at King’s Leigh’s 7-Eleven service station.

Situated on the corner of Alfred and Princes Highway, the mural is 15 metres wide and is inspired by the King’s Leigh way of life and the leafy parkland surrounds.

Recognising the importance and genuine connection to art within tight-knit communities, David is intent on bringing urban artwork to greenfield communities, including the local Werribee area, for King’s Leigh locale and visitors to appreciate and enjoy.

The mural itself represents the literal and interpretive ‘building of a community’. The inspiration is sought from the activity and hub that takes place when a community forms; the houses, the planting of new flora, the attraction of new fauna and the way the community continues to grow and expand from there,
said Bromley

The twelve unique artwork designs featured in the mural’s components take the wider community on a journey through the eyes of a child and the optimistic sense of discovery and play to create a nostalgic sense of a bygone era.

Taking cues from its surroundings, David will also incorporate other themes relevant to the mural’s location, such as the new homes, green space, sprawling tree-lined streets and extensive parklands on offer at King’s Leigh.

The mural is now complete for the entire community to see, with further updates for King’s Leigh parklands to be shared soon.